The Work
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the work

Working together, my coaching style, and the process

The Coaching

“Life” Coaching… It’s quite a funny one, isn’t it?

‘Do I need a life coach?’ ‘What does a coach even do? ‘What does it mean if I get one?’…’ Does it mean I’m not great at life?’…

…Not at all, I would argue that it means the opposite. It means that you have the self-awareness to recognise that a trained professional may be able to give you some clarity on a certain area of your life that you may be finding a little difficult to navigate through. We all find things tough at times… If you don’t then please, share the secret.

When we get out of shape (physically), we’re happy to go and seek a personal trainer, a coach is no different, except we work on getting your mind in tip-top condition in order for you to win at life. 

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things. I believe that true happiness comes with fulfillment, and fulfillment comes with growth, personal development, and enjoying being the best version of ourselves… or at least the journey to getting there.

Do you wish to gain confidence, clarity or motivation? Would you like to be razor-focused, fearless, driven and excited about what you could achieve if you were to reach your full potential? Maybe you’re feeling stressed, anxious, unfulfilled, stuck and need a change?

Having overcome a number of the aforementioned challenges myself, and many years traveling the world in a quest for knowledge and personal development, I have learned that the MIND MATTER MOST and once we master our mindsets, the world becomes more peaceful, more exciting, a playground for us to enjoy whilst taking minimal emotional damage.      


Never underestimate what you can do… Or what you’re capable of… We are resilient beings with unlimited strength and ability to accomplish some extraordinary things. Sometimes life just gets in the way and blocks us from seeing this.

The process

I’m a Transformational Coach, which means we may go a little deeper than some coaches in order to reach your goals/overcome challenges and blocks. I employ coaching frameworks that allow us to define goals, set targets and design time-based strategies that’ll enable us to track our progress. I aim to change the mindsets of my clients and not just solve a specific issue. I have found this to be a more empowering, sustainable approach with longer-lasting results. ‘Change your mind, and change your life’.


– Once we have agreed on a coaching contract that suits you, i.e. number of sessions, etc and discuss the Code of Ethics (my duty to you), we’ll figure out the areas of your life that may be unbalanced and causing the initial blocks.

​- We’ll then focus on the areas you feel need to be prioritised and look to helping you gain self-awareness of your feelings, actions, and behaviours that may be having a negative impact on reaching your goals or the cause of possible blocks.

– Together we’ll work towards setting goals and developing strategies for reaching them, whilst continually reviewing progress. I’ll be there alongside you to guide, support, motivate and encourage throughout the process.

– With your permission, we will look to identify some of your core values to ensure alignment with the goals you’ll set.

– We’ll focus on mindfulness, which will help you to manage stress and anxiety, as well as mindset practices to increase motivation, confidence, and productivity.

– By coaching with me, you will find your buoyancy/the balance of mind, body, and spirit. This will empower you to dream big and go after your goals. Finding your buoyancy will also help you to easily overcome the blocks that were once stopping you from moving forward.

Focus Areas

My common focuses/strengths are supporting with:

– Stress, Anxiety, Depression

– Negative Thought Patterns

– Career (Work-life balance, Burnout, New opportunities)

– Developing Positive Habits/Losing negative ones

– Anger Management

– Limiting Beliefs 

– Spiritual Growth 


My personal journey has offered me broad insight and empathetic skills which I feel assists me in assisting others to overcome the constant hurdles that arise like I do mine.

I believe that as a coach, my service shouldn’t just be great; it must be exceptional in order for me to deliver life-changing guidance and motivation that ultimately enables my clients to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives.

If you’re stuck in a rut, frustrated, or feel like you’re working under a cloud of darkness, there’s hope, trust me. – contact me asap to schedule a free exploration session.